Hi there,

You are a young professional who wants to take their life to the next level, either by studying in another country or by moving to another country.

IELTS is one of the more popular exams and most people require a band 6.5 or above to achieve their dreams. Are you one of them?

The thing is many people don’t know how to approach the IELTS exam. It is not just knowing English, it is about how you tackle the questions and tasks you are set. I know how frustrating it can be to be unsure about what you need to do.

Maybe you have sat the IELTS exam before and not achieved the band you want or maybe you have absolutely  no idea about IELTS at all!

Either way, not to worry. I have been teaching since 2001 and became certified by Cambridge University to teach IELTS in 2013. Since that time I have helped many students to achieve the results they need to follow their dreams.

Wouldn’t you like to join them?

I can offer one off lessons to give you guidance on a particular problem or a course created to help you achieve your grades.

About Bob

I help people from all around the world achieve their dreams by helping them to achieve their English targets.  

When you are studying for IELTS, you need a professional guide. Someone who has spent time researching the exam. Looking at the advice given by other tutors and sorting out the good from the bad.

This is where I come in

I was born in the UK and lived there until 2001, living and working in London. In 2001 I had a major career change and became an English teacher in a foreign country. I brought my experience of people and work to my new career. I understand that you are not just a student. You are a real person, like me, not only with dreams and aspirations, but also with questions and frustrations.

I will help you

It is so annoying when you can’t find an answer to those questions and frustrations. Bring me your IELTS questions and frustrations and I will do my absolute best to help you.

Since becoming a teacher, I have taught students from all over the world and all levels from beginner to advanced. I have decided to specialise in helping IELTS students because I know this is one area in which I can make a real difference to people’s lives and the lives of those around them.

Free time

In my free time, I like spending time with my family, working in my little garden and learning new things. Many new things, at this point in time I am working through a course on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). I find it a fascinating topic and something with which I may be able to help my students.

Just me!

As you can see, I am a real person. Not a big company, just me! Wouldn’t you like to have someone like that help you pass IELTS?

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IELTS Lessons

Why should I take lessons online?

If you have your lessons online you don’t have to go out (rush out?) in all weathers to get to your lesson. You don’t have to dress up or spend time and money travelling to lessons.

You can sit at home with your favourite cup of coffee or other beverage to sip while you are studying. (But no food please!) You know that you have all your materials close to hand so you don’t have to worry whether you packed your pencils or notebook.

These lessons are for you and you alone, you don’t have to share the class and teacher with other people.  You needn’t feel worried about asking questions. For me there is no such thing as a stupid question if you don’t know the answer. It is more stupid not to ask!

All lessons take place on a platform called Zoom

Zoom is sort of like Skype but way better! In Zoom you can make a recording of the lesson so that you can review it later. It has a built in whiteboard, easy audio and screen sharing and a chat box which we use for notes. It is available for mobile and other devices but for these lessons it is probably better used on a laptop or PC.

Like Skype, Zoom is also free to  use. I will give you a free demonstration about zoom before your first lesson!

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The big question – how much?

First of all, you should consider these lessons as part of your investment in your future. What benefits will you receive when you have obtained your qualifications, how much better will your life be when you get to that foreign country. This is one of the steps on that journey.

You need to be aware though that you need to do the work and put in the effort. I am merely your guide, but a very experienced guide! You need to find and do practice tests, read newspaper articles and listen to videos and podcasts in order to maintain and improve your standard of English. There is no easy solution and those that promise it are probably not to be trusted.

Cost for 1 lesson – 30 minutes : 15 USD
Cost for 1 lesson – 60 minutes : 28 USD
Cost for a packet of 5 x 60 minutes lessons : 125 USD

Payments are to be made by Paypal

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Please note that your details will only be used by Bob for the purpose of contacting you about English lessons and payments. I will never sell or allow others to use these details without your express permission.