IELTS Lessons

Why should I take lessons online?

If you have your lessons online you don’t have to go out (rush out?) in all weathers to get to your lesson. You don’t have to dress up or spend time and money travelling to lessons.

You can sit at home with your favourite cup of coffee or other beverage to sip while you are studying. (But no food please!) You know that you have all your materials close to hand so you don’t have to worry whether you packed your pencils or notebook.

These lessons are for you and you alone, you don’t have to share the class and teacher with other people.  You needn’t feel worried about asking questions. For me there is no such thing as a stupid question if you don’t know the answer. It is more stupid not to ask!

All lessons take place on a platform called Zoom

Zoom is sort of like Skype but way better! In Zoom you can make a recording of the lesson so that you can review it later. It has a built in whiteboard, easy audio and screen sharing and a chat box which we use for notes. It is available for mobile and other devices but for these lessons it is probably better used on a laptop or PC.

Like Skype, Zoom is also free to  use. I will give you a free demonstration about zoom before your first lesson!

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