The big question – how much?

First of all, you should consider these lessons as part of your investment in your future. What benefits will you receive when you have obtained your qualifications, how much better will your life be when you get to that foreign country. This is one of the steps on that journey.

You need to be aware though that you need to do the work and put in the effort. I am merely your guide, but a very experienced guide! You need to find and do practice tests, read newspaper articles and listen to videos and podcasts in order to maintain and improve your standard of English. There is no easy solution and those that promise it are probably not to be trusted.

Cost for 1 lesson – 30 minutes : 15 USD
Cost for 1 lesson – 60 minutes : 28 USD
Cost for a packet of 5 x 60 minutes lessons : 125 USD

Payments are to be made by Paypal

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